A word from James Michael Lees of Studio Hopscotch, designer of 105 by La Cantine

“Working closely with the team of La Cantine du Faubourg, we had the pleasure to design their latest creation, 105 by La Cantine, on the port of Ibiza.

Inspired by the 60s and 70s Riviera style, Studio HOPSCOTCH presents a Mediterranean version of the initial urban concept, set within the location of Marina Magna where the world’s largest yachts come to dock.

We have created an elegant and relaxing terrace, appointing favoured notable materials such as wood and marble, combining these with greens and turquoise for the fabrics, evoking the colours of the sea, the white sails and the umbrellas to comfortably complete the elements. 

For the Private Dining Room, which welcomes the guests in a marble-covered area, we have designed a huge table d’hote, the armchairs of which have been dressed in a rich floral fabric that recalls the interiors of the houses of the South. The bottles of liquor are presented on a buffet that mixes wood, mirrors and impeccable white marble.

The same inspiration continues to the Wine Cellar, but this time the dark wood replaces the immaculate white, the brass finishes referencing the interiors of boats built in the 60’s on the Italian shipyards.

The adventure and challenge was a very rewarding exercise.”