A word from James Michael Lees, the Designer of 105 by La Cantine – Studio Hopscotch

“Working closely with La Cantine du Fauboug’s team, Studio HOPSCOTCH has once again had the pleasure to design the group’s latest venture, at 105 by La Cantine, on the exclusive port of Ibiza.

Using La Cantine’s diverse background and history enabled us to develop its urban concept for a costal location.
Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s Riviera, Studio HOPSCOTCH introduces a romantic, sophisticated port‐side dining experience to Ibiza. The 105 by La Cantine concept harks back to this period in its style, materials and atmosphere.

Focusing on the view, the outdoor Bar‐Restaurant’s generous terrace is broken‐up into a number of areas and various dining experiences, catering for the clients’ wishes.

The front of the terrace offers great views of Marina Magna’s exclusive yachts and hustle and bustle of its port’s life, a relaxing observatory, where clients can see and be seen.  This contrasts with the calmer heart of the terrace, where large banquettes and foliage provide secluded comfortable dining.

The interior spaces are true to La Cantine du Faubourg’s identity: authentic, honest with a fun chic Ibiza twist.
This transpires through the materials used: slatted white wood planters and sofas, stone mosaic wine and cigar cellar, white marble table tops. All sheltered by large awnings, providing shade to this unique harbour garden.”