After successfully launching its Dubai address, La Cantine du Faubourg anchors “105 by La Cantine” off the port of Ibiza.

This is the third location for the brand’s global expansion, a destination suited for its international aura, as Ibiza is well-known to host a high-end society of privileged world-travellers.

“105 by La Cantine” features a 200-seat terrace, inspired by some of the most famous and infamous properties on the French and Italian Rivieras. The elegant brasserie is open from the wee hours of morning, serving breakfast to the island’s night owls after the party, but also to mega-yacht owners getting ready for a day at sea and picking up pick-nick baskets from “105 by La Cantine”.

The venue serves an ingredient-driven and temperamental cuisine, very much enamored with terroir, with an emphasis on fresh local produce, from the fisherman’s catch to top-quality Spanish meats and country vegetables.

From breakfast, lunch to late night dinners, “105 by La Cantine” is the rendez-vous of an elite, a place renowned for its chic yet relaxed atmosphere. Chill, crisp, fresh: this is what happens when La Cantine du Faubourg takes its summer quarters.

“105 by La Cantine” is a sunny, outdoor version of its urban cousin, with fine-and-fun service, smooth lounge music, food with character… on Spanish time! Olé!


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